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A Very Clever Phishing Scam

So I got fooled for the first time ever by a phishing scam, a little embarrassing I know for someone who actually owns a antivirus site.

So the scam was an email from the Better Business Bureau, specifically it was the newyork branch and it said there was a complaint lodged against me. And so I clicked on the link. Oops. Thank god nothing happened probably because I am on a Mac and I didn’t enter any information because the moment after I clicked I realized this might be a scam, and after I googled it, lo and behold! It is a somewhat common scam.

I’ve seen all kinds of phishing scam emails, we all have. And I’ve never even once been fooled by all the fake paypal notices, the fedex shipment notices, the bank notices, etc… I think one of the reasons is because a lot of these scams are focused around financial companies, so anytime an email comes from a financial company, even if I’m a member of that company I get suspicious. Also, those big financial companies are huge companies that tons of people use, so it makes sense that scammers would impersonate those companies because it increases the chances of someone clicking a link.

So when I got a complaint letter from the BBB it was very targeted, I own online websites/businesses. Its probable that someone could lodge a complaint against me. What’s scary is that with all the information about all of us out there, scammers may be getting smart and using our personal information to send targeted phishing emails. So beware everyone!

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