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Microsoft unveils VC3 Technology to Secure Data in the Cloud

Microsoft Researchers unveiled their new technology to ensure the security and privacy of data in the cloud. The cloud is where you can access services like software and applications provided by cloud providers over the internet. The users can deploy their workload on the cloud by accessing thousands of computers in the data centers provided by cloud providers. Although cloud offers various benefits, it is vulnerable to cyber attacks as all your sensitive information resides at the cloud provider’s site.

Although cloud data can easily be protected with encryption methods when it is stored in the cloud, the problem comes when it is accessed for processing. The data in the cloud need to be decrypted to clear text for processing. At that time a potential external attacker gets the ability to manipulate the data exploiting vulnerabilities in the cloud environment.

The Microsoft addressed this issue with a new technology called Verifiable Confidential Cloud Computing (VC3). The VC3 technology uses enhanced security measures to make sure that your data is safe, even when you are accessing it to make calculations or any other analysis. With the VC3 technology, the data is stored in a sort of lockbox that can be accessed only within secure hardware managed by VC3. The user can load the data into the secure hardware in the cloud, where data is decrypted, processed and re-encrypted. Even the cloud provider cannot access or manipulate the data that the user is accessing.

The Microsoft takes the example of a financial services company that wants to access a number of clients’ personal financial records to make a complex series of calculations in the cloud. That data is loaded to the secure hardware where data is decrypted for the necessary calculations. Once the transactions and calculations are complete, the data is again encrypted and moved back across the wire to the secure hardware on which it usually stored.

According to Microsoft researchers, with the VC3 technology the client’s data is protected in a lockbox in a secure hardware even at the time of data is processing. As long as the cybercriminals get the control over the special lockbox secured in the hardware, they cannot access the client’s data even if they get the control of the cloud provider’s entire software and hardware infrastructure.

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