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Popular Android App “Virus Shield” a Complete Sham

An android app called “virus shield” that reached #1  for security apps on the google play store marketplace was revealed to be a complete fake.  The app displayed an  X or a shield to show whether or not your phone was infected.  But it actually did nothing, no scan, no malware detection abilities at all were performed by the app.

The app was very popular and downloaded over 10,000 times and recieved a rating of 4.7 by users.  Which goes to show you how little you can trust group rating systems sometimes.  I for one, do use rating systems heavily, but I think we all need to be a little more careful when using those.  I suggest also looking at how long the app has been around.  The longer, the better.

I suppose the good news is that the app does not actually install malware on your phone, it was just a useless app.  But for the people who shelled out $3.99 for the app, it was a complete waste of money, and gave users a false sense of confidence when browsing the web or downloading other apps.  The app has since been removed from the google play store.

Many have expressed disappointment in the google play store system where basically anyone can offer their app to the public for sale or for free without any testing or compliance checking by the google team.  It is the nature of an open system that allows for such mishaps to occur, but what can be done to prevent such scams from occuring?  So far no one has a good answer.

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