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The 25 Worst Internet Passwords

Is your password on this list? If so…Change it immediately!

An internet security firm called SplashData has come out with their 2015 list of the worst 25 internet passwords, from a security perspective of course.

The apparently gathered the data from a list of 3 million leaked passwords that came out in 2014.

Here is the list:

1 123456
2 password
3 12345
4 12345678
5 qwerty
6 1234567890
7 1234
8 baseball
9 dragon
10 football
11 1234567
12 monkey
13 letmein
14 abc123
15 111111
16 mustang
17 access
18 shadow
19 master
20 michael
21 superman
22 696969
23 123123
24 batman
25 trustno1

Because I’m sure that the bad guys are also looking at this list to come up with ideas on how to hack into people’s accounts, we must avoid patterns that are present in this list.

So what can we deduce from this short list of 25 passwords?

1. Obviously avoid sequential numbers like 1234567…
2. Don’t use animal names.
3. Don’t use sports names.
4. Don’t use names period.
5. Don’t use dictionary words, especially if they are not combined with numbers.
6. Don’t use phrases
7. If you think you’re being clever by combining letters and numbers like abc123, you’re not. It’s sequential and obvious.

It seems obvious that a lot of the passwords are things that are popular or are liked in general, like football, or batman or monkey. So don’t choose something that is a generally well liked item, especially if its something new or current, because everyone is thinking the same thing. I’m sure when the next ironman movie comes out a bunch of people will choose “ironman” as their password. And even more hackers will be trying to hack into your account with that password!

So what password should you choose? Pick something with letters and numbers and a special character like a #$%^&. This dramatically increases the number of options a hacker has to try in order to guess your password. Also if you choose a 8 passwords that is at least 8 characters, this also dramatically increases the number of attempts a hacker has to try.

Think about it if you choose a 7 figure password, the hacker has to 9,999,999 options to try, that is 10 million, but if you add another number to that, he has to try 99,999,999, another 90 million attempts for just one more number!

Im trying to explain here some of the advice that you commonly hear about passwords, but many people ignore, probably because they don’t fully understand the reasons why.

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